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About Serena Prestige Club
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Join the Serena Prestige Club today for fabulous benefits and rewards.

Being a member of the Serena Prestige Club will make you a part of the inner circle, where you will be offered various privileges attached to the membership. The privileges’ extend from VIP amenities in your room to free stay for the spouse.

Serena Prestige Club allows you to earn and redeem points through all our outlets across our Hotels/Resorts and Lodges worldwide. Being a privileged member you will also be offered special promotions designed only for the Prestige Club members.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity and become the Serena Prestige Club member today.

Serena Prestige Club

The Serena Prestige Club has been designed to provide maximum benefits and privileges to its members through new and innovative ways. At Serena Hotels we have always done our best to provide value for money, and to ensure that our guests get the best always.

Keeping in with its tradition of providing the best to its guests we are now introducing the elite world of Serena Prestige Club which provides its members the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and rewards from an array of its tiers. This membership gives you the privilege to enjoy the Serena Hotel’s exclusive guest recognition program with preferential that you can avail through this membership.

Membership in our hotel loyalty program is complimentary and open to all frequent guests, all you have to do is register online or request for the registration form at the hotel’s front desk.

Ours is a brand of comfort and luxury that many of our frequent guests have come to know and appreciate. We invite you to be a part of this exclusive world of benefits and privileges with a membership in our club.